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History of us essays

History of us essays Through out our early history the early explorers did exactly what every one of us as a child has always dreamed of.....explore. I remember as a child I always wanted to be on Christopher Columbuss ship to help find a new world. Columbus new discovery helped open an era of new discoveries, old and new enemies, and a cruelty of people that hasnt been seen or defined at the time. America was initially discovered on accident. The initial intent of the voyage was to find a more expedient passage to the Indies. The emergence of Aztec, Mayan and Incan gold help open Hells Gates and the place we call America. Columbus was followed by many other explorers who wanted to find riches and help propel the Spanish Empire. Some of these explorers were Francisco Pizaro, Vasco Nun Cortz, and Ponce de Lon. Each of these explorers help contribute to the discovery of the Americas and the conquest of its Native inhabitants. Either by murder by another mans hands or by disease the Native inhabitants lost out. After Columbus and the explorers who followed helped secure the Americas others followed. One thing that makes America great today is the other purpose it was founded. People came here to evade religious persecution. America became the safe haven for people of all religions. But first, the prospect of making England rich was a priority. The first colony established in America was a complete failure. Unprepared colonists were sent to conquer the land. The first colony set up by the English was in 1585 on Roanoke Island, off the North Carolina coast, these settlers returned home the next year. In 1587 another group was sent off by Sir Walter Raleigh and never seen again. The loss of the colony is still a mystery today. Once the English realized its mistakes on the original colonies America began to grow. Still the main intent was to fil...

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The Story of an Hour and its literary elements Essay - 1

The Story of an Hour and its literary elements - Essay Example d to their husbands’ will and social expectations, and this is valuable, because it helps us understand how death can be the best and only way to untie the knot of marriage. Mrs. Mallard’s body and soul are tied to her husband. The plot reveals how her marriage is a prison. She marries someone she does not love: â€Å"And yet she had loved him—sometimes. Often she had not.† Despite this, she lets Brent have complete control of her soul and body, because women are considered as properties of their husbands. Mrs. Mallard’s name is not acknowledged until the end of the story. She will always be a Mallard, the wife of Brently. Brently Mallard, however, has his full name given at the onset, and this indicates his own individuality, individuality that Mrs. Mallard and other women were not allowed to have. Furthermore, the setting is within Mallard’s home. It suggests how she is imprisoned by her home life. In addition, spring symbolizes a new life that Louise yearns for. Her new life is so real, she can taste it: â€Å"The delicious breath of rain was in the air.† Even the sky reinforces the atmosphere of a new life: â€Å"There were patches of blue sky showing here and there through the clouds that had met and piled one above the other in the west facing her window.† Her husband’s death opens a whole new life for her: â€Å"Free! Body and soul free!† Mrs. Mallard is also weighed down by social demands. In the 19th century, women were seen as weak. They are treated with gentleness, and the same handling is given to Mrs. Mallard, though she also has a heart problem: â€Å"Knowing that Mrs. Mallard was afflicted with a heart trouble, great care was taken to break to her as gently as possible the news of her husbands death.† She also owns a â€Å"comfortable chair,† which indicates how women are creatures of comforts, since they are assumed to be materialistic and weak. Furthermore, she shows weakness in how she accepted her husband’s death: â€Å"She wept at once,

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Advanced Criminalities Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Advanced Criminalities - Assignment Example The amount (percentage) of ethanol in beer varies depending on brands. The amount (percentage) of ethanol in the beer that the accused can be assumed to be a particular value so that everybody reads the same script given the difference in the percentages of ethanol in beer. iv) The test results showed that the accused was not able to perform some physical activities like standing on one leg as well as walking. It is very wrong to say that the only thing, which can impair one from walking or standing on one leg, is alcohol. There are numerous factors that can make one unable to walk. Health status of a person a significant factor that can deter someone from walking or standing on one leg. The assumption, therefore, is that the accused was of good health. No. One cannot have such high percentage of alcohol in the blood with just four beer. The person must have consumed copious amounts of beer. The percentage of ethanol in the beer was 3.5%. This value is very low and, therefore, four beers cannot result in recording 0.17% blood alcohol level. The person may have consumed four beers as he claims but might have also consumed other additional drinks, which may be responsible for the o.17% blood alcohol level. The range of maximum blood alcohol level at which one is allowed to operate a vehicle on a public road is in most states is 0.5- 0.8 for males and 0.25-0.7 for females. The blood alcohol concentration mostly depends on the gender, the period over which the alcohol was taken, the amount of food present in the stomach, the weight as well as the metabolism rate. However, it is always important to note that in as much as the BAC level of a person can be estimated, the number of drinks, height and weight alone cannot help in determining the BAC. (Zernig, Salaria, Kurz, 2000. Pg. 420) Eight 4-ounce glasses of wine with approximately 12% alcohol content would be required to make the BAC level to be 0.17%.  Ã‚  

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George Washington Essay Example for Free

George Washington Essay George Washington faced many challenges during his presidency. Some of these challenges were difficulty of setting up a new government, domestic difficulties, and foreign affairs. He had a hard eight years of presidency but he mostly resolved all the problems. One of his challenges was setting up a new government. This was hard because people just revolted against their last form of government. They revolted against their last government because taxation was a major issue. Collecting federal taxes as a tricky issue. The whiskey rebellion was a rebellion over the tax on alcoholic beverages such as whiskey. Washington wanted to stop the rebellion by establishing power of the federal government to keep order and collect taxes. Another issue that relates to this is paying off war caused by most colonies. Another challenge was Domestic difficulties. Years of war had not whatsoever helped the US economy. Most of these people were facing very hard times. The Constitution did not receive accepted support. And the Colonies were used to dealing with their own affairs. The conflict between colonies rights and the Federal governments power was more legit and significant than ever. There was a lot of fear about a new Revolution which formed more circumscriptions on personal freedom than ever. Two political factions appeared even within Washington’s cabinet. One last issue was foreign affairs. There were potential problems with France and Great Britain on top of gaining respect from Europe for the beginning of a new government. Also, the British had not removed there soldiers from the northwest of the United States. They also supplied weapons and support to the Indians in their resistance to the settlers. Louisiana and Florida were controlled by the French and British along with all of the land west and south. Spain and Britain wanted to colonize North America and they made no effort to secretize it. George Washington had many challenges during his Presidency such as, difficulty of setting up a new government, domestic difficulties, and foreign affairs. Although this was hard George Washington managed to take care of it. George Washington clearly faced many challenges.

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THE SKY IS GRAY Essay -- essays research papers

Life Changing Journeys: â€Å"The Sky is Gray†, â€Å"Blue Winds Dancing† and â€Å"The Hammon and the Beans† In the three short stories that we have read, the main characters take life-changing journeys. As we continue to read about these stories we find James in The Sky is Gray, the Native American from Blue Winds Dancing and Chonita in the Hammon and the Beans have traveled three separate roads, allowing us to view their journeys in three different ways. James in â€Å"The Sky is Gray† shows a black male growing up in a home without a father figure present learns the life lesson of poverty yet proud. The Native American in â€Å"Blue Winds Dancing† deals with belonging to the Native American world and the â€Å"white man’s world† while truly identifying himself. Chonita in the â€Å"Hammon and the Beans† deals with pov...

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A Study Of Nanofiber Technology Environmental Sciences Essay

The common acknowledgment to nanotechnology is â€Å" engineering to bring forth something with the characteristic by commanding the atom and molecule in the graduated table from 1nm to 100nm to alter the construction and agreement of the substance. Therefore, Nanofibers are define as fibre with diameter more than 100nm. Nanofibers are produced by Electrospinning and interfacial polymerisation. The most frequent stuff with nanofiber morphology are Ti dioxideA ( TiO2 ) , A Si dioxideA ( SiO2 ) , Zr dioxide ( ZrO2 ) , A aluminium oxideA ( Al2O3 ) , A Li titanate ( Li4Ti5O12 ) , A Ti nitrideA ( TiN ) orA platinumA ( Pt ) . Electrospinning is a procedure uses an electrical charge to pull really all right fibres from a liquid. Electrospinning portions the feature of both electrospraying and conventional solution dry spinning of fibres. The advantages is that Electrospinning procedure does n't necessitate the usage of curdling chemical science or high temperature to bring forth. Therefore the procedure is suited for production of fibres utilizing big and complex molecules. Nanofiber can be used in many Fieldss such as filtration, such as HVAC system filters, HEPA, ULPA High efficient filters, Air, oil, fuel filters for automotive, Filters for drink, pharmaceutics and medical applications. Furthermore, nanofiber can utilize in making fabric for fabric. For illustration, athletics dresss, athletics places, outerwear and many more. hypertext transfer protocol: // Nanofiber in high efficiency filtration application Nanofibers presents had been introduced into a new degree of public presentation that is is the air filtration. Due to the feature of nanofiber holding the thickness equal to merely several nanofiber diameters and was laid on a hempen substrate that to boot serves as a safety filter. The tenuity of the nanofiber bed coupled with fiber denseness considerable increase the fractional efficiency of the filter media with no important negative impact on permeableness to air flow. These type of constellation met the demand to bring forth high efficiency filtration. Common advantages of nanofibers in air filtration There are two primary map for polymeric nanofiber webs usage in filtration application. The advantage of nanofiber in air filtration is that it heighten the efficiency of the base stuff, making a composite media with good handling belongingss and good efficiency for many industrial and engine-related application. Furthermore, nanofiber is more thin in comparing with other method that is through the application of charged meltdown fibre. The 2nd advantage is that, polymeric nanofibre webs improve the surface lading behaviour of typical filtration stuff. When the filtration is utilizing other method, when clip base on balls, the peculiar affair become profoundly embedded in the hempen construction, finally it will forestall the air flow. But when polymeric nanofiber web is applied to the upstream side of the filter medium, the particulate affair is caught at the surface of the nanofiber web. The grounds why nanofiber web is better is because that the surface lading behavior allows the filter to be cleanable through standard mechanism like back forcing or agitating. Solidity and nanofibers in air filtration In nanometer scope of nanofiber, the consequence of faux pas flow at the fibre surface has to be taken into accouint. Due to the faux pas at the fibre surface, the draw force on a fiber is smaller than in the instance of non-slip flow which turn into lower force per unit area bead. In the other manus, the faux pas flow makes the part of the air fluxing near the fibre surface larger than that in the instance of non-slip flow, which translates into more atoms going near the fibre. This cause in higher diffusion interception and inertial impaction efficenceies. The function of solidness is complicate, as it affects both force per unit area bead and efficiency in the same way. When solidness addition, drag per unit length of fibre besides addition. Diffusion and interception is taken into history for high efficiency as they are the dominant mechanisms near the most acute atom size. We can state that, withing the locality of the most acute atom size, the figure of MERIT below show that decreased with increased of solidness The figure of MERIT show that different solidnesss for nanofibre media at 10.5fpm Dust Collector Applications Recently, dust aggregator had been introduce to the nanofiber engineering to pin down more dust on the surface of the filter than the conventional trade good types of filter media such as depth-loading cellulose, polyester or cellulose/polyester blend The procedure of the dust aggregator can be describe on the figure below The dust aggregator cartridge filter play the of import function of the filtration. There are may type of cartridge available. There are Ultra-Web merchandise from the Donaldson where it supply alone filtration efficiency. The advanced surface filtration engineering ensures longest life and lowest operation force per unit area bead in scope of cartridges. It is a high public presentation option to commodity-type pleated cellulose or cellulose/synthetic blended media that captures submicron dust atoms on the surface of the media. Nanofiber is a cellulose/synthetic composite media that forms a web-like cyberspace of really all right fibres 0.2 to 0.3 micrometers in diameter. Cellulose and intermix media have fibres at least 10 micrometer in diameter and big pores between fibres ( up to 60 micrometer ) that allow dust to perforate deep into the media, rapidly stop uping and cut downing filter life. Decision Although there are differing sentiments among the experts on the topic sing the planetary supply of oil, even the most optimistic of them predict that the planetary production of conventional oil is likely to top out sometime between 2010 and 2020 [ 10 ] . If we are to be prepared for this inevitableness we must speed up our acceptance of alternate fuels so we are at least prepared to run into the challenge when it arises. With its ubiquitousness in the existence and on our planet and its possible as one of the cleanest and most efficient fuel beginnings available to us, H is the obvious pick as our following basic beginning of energy, and the fuel cell is the obvious replacing for the internal burning engine. In order to show in this new epoch of energy, many obstructions must be overcome and many new technological progresss must be developed into feasible solutions. One such application that has been demonstrated to hold immense potency in this way is that of C nanofibers as a H storage medium for fuel cells, peculiarly in the transit sector. There is still a long manner to travel and much work to be done, but in this writer ‘s sentiment it is clip to get down the undertaking of turning the positive consequences born of research into the feasible solutions born of technology. Beside that, nanofiber engineering besides contribute in the air filtration. The importance of this is because filtration can do the air cleaner prevent the air from polluted. The nanofiber with the characteristic with the diameter that are less than 1000nm successfully barricade the particulate affair on the surface of the nanofiber web. It believes that, with the farther researching on nanofiber, many advantages and use will be discovered in the hereafter. Hydrogen Storage Medium for Fuel Cell with Carbon Nanofibers in Transportation Sector Introduction to the H as fuel cell: Nowadays, as the planetary issues has become a serious fact to human being, as high outlook to a renewable, environment-friendly and carbon-zero emanation energy beginnings, H have became the best future new energy beginning. The benefit of utilizing the H: Illimitable measures as H2O screen more than 70 % of the Earth The burning of H merely produces H2O and heat as byproduct Therefore H is really suited to be used for vehicle power beginning. Although H can be generated on-board a vehicle by reforming methyl alcohol or other type of hydro-carbons, but a better manner, that is store pure H on-board the vehicle without any reformation procedure required. The challenge of utilizing H fuel cell in automotive application: The H storage system should be safe The H storage system should be light and do non act upon the efficiency of the system by its weight. There are several methods to hive away the H: Compressed H gas Liquid H Gas-on-solid physical surface assimilation We can explicate the efficiency by wt % , which mean the ratio of stored H weight to the entire storage system weight of a vehicle. The compress H method: Disadvantage in safety due to the involved of force per unit area to compact the H. Suffer to the permeableness and embrittlement ( doing it brickle ) of the metal armored combat vehicle due to high force per unit area. These method merely can accomplish 2wt % with conventional storage armored combat vehicle and 5wt % utilizing expensive C fiber-wrapped polymer armored combat vehicles. Liquid H Safer to compact storage system due to low force per unit area demand Disadvantages in possible loss through vaporization Require energy and insularity to maintain the H in liquid province Merely achieve 3wt % . Gas-on-solid surface assimilation Investigated with C nanostructures ( C nanofibers ) A procedure which a gaseous substance condenses on the free surfaces of a solid The procedure merely affect weak molecular force ( Eg: Van der Waals force ) , the input energy is minimized. Gas-on-solid surface assimilation can accomplish upwards of 15wt % and more. How the Fuels Cells Function? The cell consists of an anode and cathode, and electrolyte in between to let positive ions to go through through. The H fuel is fed to anode and the atmospheric O is fed to the cathode. When activated by accelerator ( Pt on the cathode ) , the H atom separate into negatron and protons. The negatrons take a way through an electrical circuit and burden, while the protons take a way through the electrolyte. When the negatrons and protons run into once more at the cathode, they recombine along with the O atoms to bring forth H2O and heat. This procedure required changeless supply of H and hence, the H should hive away in a safe and efficiency manner. Carbon Nanofibers Carbon nanofibers consist of spiral like fibres made up of really little graphite sheets that are stacked in specific constellations and separated by distances of 0.335 – 0.342 nanometer. Hydrogen has a kinetic diameter of 0.289 nanometers, which is somewhat smaller than the 0.335 – 0.342 nm interlayer spacing in C nanofibers. To fix the C nanofibers for H surface assimilation, C nanofibers are placed in a vas and exposed to hydrogen under force per unit areas of 120-130 standard pressure at room temperature, the H slips between the graphite sheets of the C nanofibers and adsorbs to surface of the C beds. During the procedure, drosss metal and chemisorbed gases are carefully removed. The diagram above represent the H adsorbing between the graphite sheets of C nanofiber. A H lattice parametric quantity of 0.35 nanometer has been observed following the broadening of the interlayer spacing of the C nanofibers and formation of subsequent beds of H. Since this measuring is smaller than the mensural majority hexagonal stopping point jammed lattice parametric quantity of 0.376 nanometers for H, it has been proposed that the unique construction of the C nanofibers suppresses the mobility of the H and causes it to follow an remarkably extremely jammed province, which does much to explicate the high storage degrees that have been systematically measured. Upon controlled release of the force per unit area, the H desorbs from the C nanofibers and is released as molecular H gas. While the rate of surface assimilation is comparatively slow, on the order of hours, adequately fast desorption rates of ~57 mlA?/min have been reproducibly demonstrated. Analysis of the discharged gas indicates that H is so the lone constituent nowadays and therefore that there are no inauspicious reactions happening between the C nanofibers or any drosss and the H throughout the procedure. It should be noted that in finding the adsorptive capacity of the nanofibers it was discovered that non all of the adsorbed H is released in the desorption procedure at room temperature under atmospheric conditions. This fraction of strongly held H that is retained has been attributed to a comparatively little sum of chemosorption occurring, and has been confirmed through high temperature experiments on dismissed C nanofibers utilizing N and a thermic conduction sensor. The C Nanofiber Hydrogen Fuel Tank The principle application of a C nanofiber H storage medium is in a fuel armored combat vehicle for an incorporate on-board fuel cell system with a polymer electrolyte membrane ( PEM ) fuel cell stack at its nucleus and a H supply stored as adsorbed H in a pressurized armored combat vehicle incorporating C nanofibers. The PEM fuel cell is ideal for automotive applications because it operates at comparatively low temperatures and can change its end product to run into changing power demands. In this system, the H storage armored combat vehicle consists of a steel or composite armored combat vehicle or case shot filled with vapor adult C nanofibers with adsorbed H nowadays. The fresh armored combat vehicle is kept pressurized at about 100-120 standard pressure to keep the adsorbed province of the H. The armored combat vehicle is connected to the fuel cell via a regulated force per unit area nose assembly controlled by the onboard computing machine that monitors the system. As the fuel cell demands hydrogen through the normal operation of the vehicle, the force per unit area in the fuel armored combat vehicle is decreased and gaseous H is released through the nose assembly and directed to the fuel cell cathode for contact action and subsequent current coevals. The rate of release is variable harmonizing to energy demands and can change from zero to the maximal desorption rate available from the C nanofibers via incremental depressurize. Based on these computations ensuing in peculiarly light fuel armored combat vehicles full of H adsorbed on C nanofibers, and the fact that the surface assimilation procedure is much slower than the desorption procedure, it is suggested that the construct of replenishing the vehicle at a service. In this mode, the long surface assimilation times are relegated to the provider of the fuel and non to the consumer. Additionally, any wear or dislocation of the C nanofibers that may happen can be monitored and those units that have deteriorated beyond utility can be recycled. Decision Although there are differing sentiments among the experts on the topic sing the planetary supply of oil, even the most optimistic of them predict that the planetary production of conventional oil is likely to top out sometime between 2010 and 2020 [ 10 ] . If we are to be prepared for this inevitableness we must speed up our acceptance of alternate fuels so we are at least prepared to run into the challenge when it arises. With its ubiquitousness in the existence and on our planet and its possible as one of the cleanest and most efficient fuel beginnings available to us, H is the obvious pick as our following basic beginning of energy, and the fuel cell is the obvious replacing for the internal burning engine. In order to show in this new epoch of energy, many obstructions must be overcome and many new technological progresss must be developed into feasible solutions. One such application that has been demonstrated to hold immense potency in this way is that of C nanofibers as a H storage medium for fuel cells, peculiarly in the transit sector. There is still a long manner to travel and much work to be done, but in this writer ‘s sentiment it is clip to get down the undertaking of turning the positive consequences born of research into the feasible solutions born of technology.

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Alexander is The Greatest Ancient Military Commander - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 5 Words: 1603 Downloads: 7 Date added: 2019/04/07 Category History Essay Level High school Tags: Alexander The Great Essay Did you like this example? Alexander the great is debated by many to whether or not he was the greatest ancient world military commander. He had a strategic prowess on the battlefield, he always kept morals among his men high, and had a ruthless attitude where he thought of no accomplishment as unattainable. Although he had his flaws, Alexander is the undisputed greatest ancient world military commander. He had an abnormal upbringing that bred him to be the greatest. Alexander III was born in Pella, Macedonia, in 356 B.C a(Alexander the Great). His dad, Philip II, conquered all Greek city states except for Sparta. He was assassinated and his plans to defeat Persia were passed on to his son Alexander (World History). His dad wanted to cultivate and breed a future king. He gave Alexander the best training in fighting and horse riding. He tamed Bucephalus Untamable a horse when he was 11 (Mark, Joshua J). He passed the two tests of Macedonian manhood: Kill a wild boar and a human enemy .He did both of these before succeeding the throne. He was also a good hunter (Cartledge). Alexander was thrown into the ring at the young age of 20, not only having to fill his fathers shoes but carry out his plans after Philip was assassinated. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Alexander is The Greatest Ancient Military Commander" essay for you Create order Alexanders first battle was the battle of Granicus. It was one of the battles in the Persian wars and he crushed the Persians. Although victorious, Alexander had a near death experience after having to fight his way out of being surrounded by enemy forces. He made himself known In 333 B.C., Alexander and his men encountered a massive Persian army led by King Darius III himself near the town of Issus. They faced each other head on. Alexanders forces were greatly outnumbered in men but not in experience and they all seeked revenge for Persia invading Greece years before (Alexander the Great). Alexander saw Darius with his own eyes and charged him. He injured Darius who fled the battle. Alexanders army had Dariuss on their heels, and were pulling ahead but greatly hurt the Persians after they watched their leader flee. The more even fight turned greatly in the Greeks favor after they all got energized from watching Alexander fight for them and send Darius on a retreat. The Persian army retreated after him, resulting in another Alexander victory, and now Alex was in Dariuss head. He then laid siege to the heavily-fortified island of Tyre in January 332 B.C., after the Tyrians, who werent his enemies, refused him entry. But Alexander had no navy Tyre was surrounded by water (Alexander the Great). Alexander instructed his men to build a path over the water to reach Tyre. All went well until they came came close to the island and were within striking distance of the Tyrians. They stopped Alexanders clever attempt to reach the island and he realized he needed a strong navy to penetrate their defenses(Alexander the Great). He amassed a large makeshift fleet right in front of Tyre, and attacked the citys walls in July 332 B.C. and executed thousands of Tyrians for daring to defy him; many others were sold into slavery. This battle, although not very relevant, is a prime example of Alexanders quick thinking and ability to adapt. In 331 BCE Alexander met Ki ng Darius III on the battlefield at Gaugamela where he once again had a disadvantage of a smaller army (World History). Alexander only had forty seven thousand who were up against Dariuss one hundred and fifty thousand including war elephants and many armored chariots. Any better in vegas would of put all there money on the Persians unless they looked into it. The massive Persian army was not trained, armored, or disciplined as well as Alexanders Greek army. They had no chemistry, as much of their soldiers were Indian and Greek mercenaries. Also, the Greeks had the moral on there side as they watched Alexander chase Darius off the field the battle before (World History). The Greeks won the battle and Darius retreated from the battle field again. As Alexanders armies closed in, Dariuss general murdered him to try and appease Alex and save his skin. Alexander looked down on this action. He had the general executed and felt bad for Darius. Now Alexander went on and captured Perisa. He had the biggest enemy out of the way and fulfilled his dads requests and plans. He now had his eyes set on conquering the entire ancient war. After conquering almost all of the ancient world, he marched to India. There he met the forces of King Porus. They had a stalemate across a river where neither side budged. At night, Alexander sent his cavalry a few miles down the river. They made lots of racquet and noise, and then went back to the camp. Porus then sent his armies down to fight, but they found nothing. With Patience, Alexander pulled this stunt for weeks. Poruss kept sending his armies after the noise who kept finding nothing. Porus then fell right into the trap and stopped reacting to the noise. One night the cavalry flanked successfully without being met by the Indian armies and Alexanders forces crossed the river. They crushed the Indians. This battle showed how clever and strategic Alexander is. Alexander wanted to conquer china when his troops, who had been away from there families for 10 years, refused (Giottos). He died sometime later and the cause is still argued about among historians. He died in Babylon at the age of 32 on June 11 323 BCE after ten days of high fever. The historians argue theories concerning the cause of his death which are poisoning, malaria, meningitis and bacterial infection from drinking dirty water (Mark, Joshua J). Some think that a general poisoned him because Alexander would not turn around and end the fighting until he had conquered the entire ancient world (Romm, James). His death created a power vacuum amongst his men because there wasnt a designated heir to his throne.The generals battled it out and ultimately weakened the massive empire (World History). These areas fell to the Roman empire, who adopted the Greek culture (World History). The empire only stayed strong for about ten years after his death. Even though he died prematurely, he s till left behind a great legacy. In Egypt, he founded the great city of Alexandria, which would become a center of Hellenistic culture and a major seaport (World History). Thanks to Alexander, Greek Language, architecture, mythology, and philosophy became widespread. There was many Greco-Buddhist art in South Asia. Temples all over the ancient world had Greek architecture (World History). The library built in Alexandria. It was the largest library of the ancient world (World History). Alexander is thought of by some as not a great leader. Some of the major points brought up against him include how ruthless and vicious he was. Alexander executed thousands of enemy soldiers and conquered villagers at a time. These mass executions were not necessary. Some say he was over the top, and a brutal savage who showed no empathy for others. This point is not relevant because times have changed along with military rules. Most generals did things back in ancient times that are not allowed today and he did show empathy. Darius fled and was assassinated by his own troops. Its said Alexander was sad when he found Dariuss body and gave him a royal burial (Alexander the Great). Also he is considered a bad leader because he experienced two mutanies in his career due to his over the top ambition. Alexs army refused to go on in 324 at Opis when he wished to go on and conquer the Arabs and Carthaginians. Alexanders men would not take a step more. They refused to go on. Besides pushing his men too hard, he had always kept there morals high. He was leading his troops through a dessert on the way to another battle (World History). Thousands of them plowed through for days without food or water in the blazing heat. Alexander sent some men to try and find water, and they returned with only a helmet full of it (World History). Word spread quickly that Alexander had water. Alexander turned to his crowd of men, and threw the helmet into the sand spilling the water. The army erupted into cheers and they all pushed through the desert. Alexander was different from other leaders who thought of themselves as gods and royalty. They would of taken that water and drank it (Wor ld History). He had a way with his army that no other leader had, and thats why they all beat the odds so many times. They all fought as one and for each other because they knew they had a leader that was looking out for them (World History). Also, Alexander always rode into battle at the head of his army unlike Darius and most other kings. He is often compared to Hannibal, a Carthaginian general, and Scippio, a Roman general. He surpasses both of them because of many reasons. He was a general that was respected by all of his troops who all wanted to fight for him. He was ambitious, strategic and very wise. Lastly, he is the only general that never lost a battle. In my opinion, if it were not for his premature death, the world as we know it today would be different. If he wouldnt have met such an early death he would of conquered the entire world. Although he had his flaws and may have been too ambitious, Alexander is the greatest ancient world military commander.